Tires Batteries and Brakes For Life


"Qualified" New cars and truck sold at the ADDISON STORES
Come with the exclusive offer of free replacement TIRES BATTERIES and BRAKES for life.


All we ask is keep your vehicle maintained at one of the Addison stores. You have to maintain your vehicle anyway.

Free Tires


Tires will be replaced once they become worn and includes installation and balancing. So don't forget make Addison's your next choice when considering your next vehicle.


Tires Batteries and Brakes for Life are available on Qualified Vehicles, only on brand new qualified vehicles, excluding Chevrolet Volt and Bolt as well as pre-owned vehicles. Certain Brand of Vehicles may be exempt from this program due to the inability for Addison's to perform regular service. This exemption also includes all vehicles equipped with low profile speed rated tires, Commercial trucks and vehicles sold as is condition. Also excluded are vehicles equipped with low profile speed rated tires.

Customer is responsible for maintaining proper tire inflation and correcting misalignment. Tire replacement is determined by tire wear, tread depth of 3/32in. or less will warrant tire replacement at no cost to the customer.

Road hazard damage is not covered unless insurance is purchased. Our only condition is that all the recommended maintenance as outlined in our service schedule is performed in our service department, and the tires are evenly worn.

Tire replacement are limited to a dealer cost of $600.00 Set (4) on cars and trucks. Installation and balance are performed with no additional charges. Approximately 82% of our vehicles fall within this price cap.

Road hazard damage is not covered unless the available insurance is purchased from the dealership tire replacement is determined by tire wear tread depth of 3/32in or less will warrant tire replacement at no cost to the customer.


How do I Qualify?

You must purchase a qualified New from one of the Addison Dealerships and perform the manufacturer's recommended regular scheduled maintenance requirements at one of our dealerships.

Does this cost me anything?

No. The program is included with your qualified vehicle purchase.

How many tire replacements can be performed during my ownership period?

There is no limit.

When your vehicles tire depth reaches below 2-3 mils the worn tires will be replaced.

Can I request a specific Tire Brand as the replacement type on my vehicle?

Yes, you can select any type of Tire Brand rated for your vehicle providing that the value of each tire does not exceed $150.00 per tire 75-80% of all tires replaced can be sourced at this wholesale price level (installation is included). If you would prefer to select a high grade replacement you would be asked to pay the difference.

Can I select a winter tire alternative if my tires are in need replacement in the winter season?

No, tires will be replaced with what was original equipment on the vehicle.

Winter Tires have a much softer rubber compound and tend to wear quickly if driven during the warmer seasons.

How often can my brakes be replaced, and what is included?

Your vehicle has been or will be equipped with a life time brand of brake pads that can be replace as often as needed. The pads are a life time free replacement at no cost, but the labour to install and the potential need to clean, adjust or replace the brake rotors can be an extra cost.